The gap between blog entries is way too long. That’s because reading the Old Testament is boring as Heaven. I am determined to finish the Bible.

Here are some thoughts gleaned from THE OPEN SOCIETY AND ITS ENEMIES by Karl Popper, who was a professor at the London School of Economics.

For the Open Society (about 430 B.C.): Although only a few may originate a policy, we are all able to judge it.

Against the Open Society (about 80 years later): The greatest principle of all is that nobody, whether male or female, should be without a leader. Nor should the mind of anybody be habituated to letting him do anything at all on his own initiative; neither out of zeal, nor even playfully. But in war and in the midst of peace—to his leader he shall direct his eye and follow him faithfully. And even in the smallest matter he should stand under leadership. For example, he should get up, or move, or wash, or take his meals .. only if he has been told to do so. In a word, he should teach his soul, by long habit, never to dream of acting independently. and to become utterly incapable of it.

Professor Popper wrote that a scientific/philosophical attitude toward politics coupled with an understanding of social life must be based on the ‘contemplation and interpretation of human history’. The social scientist/philosopher sees the individual as a pawn on the Stage of History. The important actors on the Stage of History are: Great Nations. Great Leaders. Great Classes. Great Ideas.
With a deep understanding of the laws of historical development the social scientist/philosopher can predict future developments. They will tell us what political actions will succeed.
One example of Historicism is the concept of the CHOSEN PEOPLE. They are certain that God has chosen them to impose His will (why can’t he do it Himself?) on Earth. As a reward the CHOSEN PEOPLE will inherit the Earth. They will also be waiting for the end of history. Hopefully, the EndTimes are a long way off. In the meantime, every historical event falls neatly into their interpretation of the EndTimes. No contrary experience can refute it. The CHOSEN PEOPLE are certain of the outcome of human history.

After I read a few pages of this book ( for those of you who don’t read books or read only approved passages from the Bible I strongly urge you to read books that are critical of your cherished beliefs) I suddenly remembered that three reLegions (not a typo, for they are many) stem from one book, the Bible. Those three reLegions  are: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The believers in all three reLegions are certain they, and no other tribe, are the CHOSEN PEOPLE.  Two of these tribes (actually three) cannot be the CHOSEN PEOPLE.
It seems to me that if the EndTimes do come this catastrophic event will brought on by the CLASH OF THE CHOSEN PEOPLE.


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Freethinker. Drummer, Singer, Songwriter: The Third Eye, Blackbird13, The Avantguardians. Actor: Raving Maniacs, Feeding the Masses. Also produced, wrote and acted in my short film Lonelyman51. Writer: lyrics, radio drama, horror tales and social criticism.
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