Sigh. Peter wants us to to abstain from “fleshy lusts.” I suppose if I were a bacterium or a member of the ant species Myococeperus smithii I could reproduce on my own and never succumb to “fleshy lusts.”

Since I am neither an ant or bacterium I am compelled to reproduce the old fashioned way, with a mate, just like God built me to do it.

“Fear God. Honour the King.” King James must have had that command inserted into the text for his own benefit.

“Let them eschew evil.” The God that Peter loves, is he a loving God or an angry God?

Why would a loving god be feared? Why would a loving god sacrifice his own son?   Shouldn’t you, dear reader, eschew God?

These a-holes in the bible are fleshy nuts…


About izziferreel

Freethinker. Drummer, Singer, Songwriter: The Third Eye, Blackbird13, The Avantguardians. Actor: Raving Maniacs, Feeding the Masses. Also produced, wrote and acted in my short film Lonelyman51. Writer: lyrics, radio drama, horror tales and social criticism.
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